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More than a hidden gem, Panhou Retreat is a place where nature meets legend. A place that offers you pure nature, vibrant culture, and services that come from the heart. We are excited to have you here at Panhou Retreat, be our guest, feel the warmth of home, and share your love with Panhou as much as we do.

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Panhou is derived from the name of Ban Ho – a God sent from heaven to help Binh Vuong King protect our land and the Dzao people from invaders.

After the victory, Ban Ho was granted marriage to the King’s daughter and became the next King Ban Vuong King. Together, they had 12 children 6 boys 6 girls, and their children became the ancestors of today’s 12 branches of the Dzao people.

Ban Vuong King is known for his rustic lifestyle and devotion to his people. He greatly contributed to laying the foundation and nourishing the Dzao culture.

Today, Panhou Retreat continues the King’s legacy by preserving nature, honoring local culture, and supporting the local economy.

Spirit of a Legend

Spirit of a Legend



Step out of your comfort zone in the authentic culture of Hoang Su Phi.



More than just a good nights sleep, Panhou also brings you peace of mind.


Panhou Retreat communicates with you in the language of nature.

Sustainable Travel

Panhou Retreat operates under the belief that travel can have a positive impact. We prioritize responsible travel, which involves minimizing our environmental impact, respecting local culture, and supporting the local economies in which we operate.

As a high land commune on the western border of Ha Giang province, Hoang Su Phi has long been famous for its beautiful terraced fields, Not as famous as other tourist destinations on the S – shaped land, Hoang Su Phi brings a very unique beauty, giving each visitor a new, magnificient and immense but also ...

Panhou Retreat x WTA - A milestone to reflect and look ahead.

The Insider

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The people

For many of these smiling faces, Panhou is their second family.
It’s not just a workplace, it’s our home. And we’d love to welcome you into our home as a dear friend

Home is where our heart is!

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Hikking Day

4 Days 3 Nights

3 Days - CODE: 1PH1ND

3 Days - CODE: 1PH1HS